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We are at it again! See Heroes Recognition below for great news about the Maryland Heroes Recognition - our most awesome event! Let us know how you want help to "Make it Better"!


Family Information

Heroes Recognition

For those of you who have been a Tony's Gang Hero or worked as a volunteer for one of our Tony's Gang Heroes Recognitions, you know it is a MIND BLOWING, LIFE ALTERING event! Well, we are pleased to announce we are doing it again thanks to our good friends at Thomas H. Hamiiton Foundation!

Because of their support we are welcoming Maryland to the GANG. Check out our Heroes Recognition Program page to get details of the event.

Please welcome our new friends, Amanda Michaels and Karen Coker who are working as our Maryland Heroes Recognition Event liaisons. Amanda has been in the halls of the state legislator talking with delegates and drumming up support. She is also developing signatories and sponsors for our Proclamation which will be passed to honor our kids. Karen is working to network volunteers and community support for our breakfast, luncheon and those awesome limo rides! We hope to host the event sometime in the next legislative session.

Bookworms and Couch Potatoes Program

It is really important to get your questionnaire filled out and sent into us. This questionnaire is used to fill our surprise boxes for your child.  We match things that we received and purchase for our GANG with the information on the questionnaires.

Without a questionnaire, your child will not receive any surprise boxes; or, they will get things they don't need or want.

Updating these questionnaires are important, too.
Children grow and interests change.  So, if you have not filled out a questionnaire in over a year, let us know.  We will email one to you.

If your child is hospitalized and needs a pick-me-up, we can send a special fun and care package to them.
Be specific in the kinds of things that would be helpful and that your child(ren) would like.
Siblings can receive an activity package as well.  

Pen-Pal Program

Would your child like some pick me up letters? Children from all over write letters and send them to us for your children.  Sometimes, parents allow children to provide addresses.  You may want to encourage pen-pal letter writing with your child.   But, they don't need to write back.  

Letters have also been written to siblings. If you would like to have these sent to your child(ren), let us know and we will send regular mail to them.   

Buddy Program

We have matched some new Tony's Gang Buddies to kids in our GANG and they are having a great time talking, playing and working together.  If you are interested in the Buddy Program, please let us know.

Organization Buddies - Tony's Gang identifies and works with organizations, schools, boards of education, counselors and other sources of help for your family.  We regularly update our families on new opportunities and sources of help for you. Hopefully this  year we will be adding our Treehouse Magazine to the Treehouse website and email for you, so that we can get more information to you more often.

One of our families recommended Hilton Head Heroes. They attended and had a wonderful time. Here is some information.

Hilton Head Heroes

We have networked on your behalf with an organization in Hilton Head, SC. This organization provides family vacations for families in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Take a look at the following information.  

Hilton Head Heroes is dedicated to bringing children with life threatening illnesses and their families to Hilton Head Island for an all expenses paid family vacation.

What are the requirements to participate?
Your child
*  Must be between ages of 4 and 12
*  Diagnosed by a physician with a life-threatening illness
*  Families are accepted based on financial need

  • Only the immediate family is included in the vacation
  • The child has not been granted a "wish or dream" from a similar organization
  • NOTE:  Tony's Gang support does not preclude you from applying for the Hilton Head Hero program.

What is provided?
*    Lodging: Private Home, Villa, Hotel Room, Timeshare,
*    Gift Certificates: Restaurants, Groceries, Water Sports, Boat Tours, Horse Rides, Golf, Tennis, Bicycles,  Movies
*    Services: Welcome Baskets, Tour Guides, or other hands-on help.
*    Gifts: Resort Clothing, Beach Toys

What conditions are to be met before a vacation is considered?
*   All paperwork must be signed and dated.
*   The child's doctor must sign a medical release.

NOTE:  You should know that medical care on Hilton Head is limited.  There is a community hospital available for emergency. Children with regular blood product and therapy requirements need to check before making a decision to go as to what care is provided.

If you are interested, let us know and we will get you started.