In the Company of Heroes

GA Proclamation

When times are difficult in our lives, we often look to heroes to help us find strength and courage to make it through those challenging times. Right in our own community, there are heroes after whom we could all model our lives. Heroes that live every day with more courage than the bravest soldier. The heroes of whom we speak, not only have courage, but also a special wisdom, and an understanding about life that we all strive to achieve.

These heroes many times go unnoticed in your busy town, as heroes often do. The heroes I refer to are children. They are the children throughout our community that daily struggle just to live. They have cancer or some other life threatening illness.

You may have seen them in your stores, or on the soccer field, or just hanging around the neighborhood. You may not have even noticed them. You may not even be able to tell them from any other child.

A Hero

It used to be that very few of these children survived long enough to return to their normal activities. More so than ever before, our medical community is working very hard to lengthen the lives of these children. Today, children diagnosed with life threatening diseases come back to school. They play soccer again, and for stretches in their therapies, they live fairly normal lives. But, because there still is no cure, for most of these children and their families life is really quite complicated.

At Tony's Gang, we know these children are heroes. We know that even with all the difficulty that these children face, they continually strive to be just "regular kids".

Tony's Gang is taking the lead in our community in recognizing these children for their courage.

Please join us and celebrate their heroism by helping us sponsor an event in their honor.

Our "In the Company of Heroes" event is designed as a community-wide event to acknowledge the courage of the children in your community who daily battle cancer and other catastrophic illness.

The event concept is similar to sports banquet and awards ceremony. However, the tone of the event is not formal. It is more like a roast with a "kid" focus.

Testimonials, awards, and gifts are presented to our honorees, the children, by the celebrities who roast them and community leaders.

In order to involve the young adults of the community, volunteer support for the day, Volunteer support for the day is recruited from the local high schools' honor societies and community service groups, bands, captains of teams, and cheerleaders.

Other support is developed from the local university and college fraternities and sororities. These organizations and their representatives help set the tone for the event.


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